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     First of all, thanks for being here.  Here you are now, but we want to take you somewhere else – a place with signs all along the way warning “Don’t Go There!”  Each aspect of this other place can raise either kinship or bitter divisiveness – depending on one’s point of view.  That is exactly why we have no choice but to venture into the zones of politics and religion and re-introduce them to one another in a not so cordial way.

     Let’s first consider what most people understand best in their lives, i.e. the politics of practical living… meaning their seeming ‘security’ in life.  Firstly, that would be the financial assets that government can bring to their lives only through that former standard in America, which provided people with reasons for living and hoping and praying, thereby allowing God (good) into their lives as well.  In other words, most people once had ‘livable wage’ jobs that allowed them to buy a house and raise a family without living in constant fear that such a foundation would be ripped out from under them… BY big businesses that move their jobs out of the country in order to make more money for their “investors” and executive officers.

     Poor government planning – aided and abetted by politicians who take money to ease restrictions on such greed-engendered ‘persons’ (businesses are ‘people’) has only inflamed the problems - along with the fury by those most egregiously affected by such problems.

     Secondly in this security equation, people need to be afforded equal social rights under the law, as long as they don’t infringe on the same rights of others.  These rights should include: the right to be as God made us, meaning our race and ethnicity, e.g. to be non-caucasian and/or foreign born; the right to privacy to include the right of sexual gender and mating choices; the right to practice or not – religion; and the ‘right to life’ given to children by God to parents who would put their own vain material goals ahead of the spiritual goals needed by a child whom God would send into this world.  (That is one instance of the ‘not so cordial’ aspect of re-introducing religion to politics; and obviously there are instances in which abortion can be protected as necessary.)

     Obviously, some of us do believe there is a Moral, Omnipotent God who knows infinitely better than we do what we need – whether it be a child we don’t want at a particular time, or whatever else it might be.  Many of us have stopped considering our ‘souls,’ in such matters, whereas God is the heart of our souls, which are uppermost in her* Mind.  *(God’s lack of ‘gender’ will be explained in our book. You will want to tune in to that by clicking an image – any image shown here.)

     The foregoing is a simple summation of what is at the heart of America’s loss of its greatest asset as a country – a viable, financial “middle class” that also gives hope to the poor of someday at least reaching such an acceptable standard of living.  A ‘middle class’ is the glue, or stitching, for the very fabric of a successful society.  America has ‘bargained’ and ‘traded’ that away, in order to appease (Egod) the greed god within the powerbrokers and financial elite – who have managed in a few instances to raise the standard of living for the extremely poor in other countries.  They did this – not through altruism or moral good will, but simply because some mind-bending, back-breaking, gut-wrenching, sweat-soaked jobs were made available that never existed before.  Those slightly better than slave-labor jobs brought people out of fields and rice paddies to indoor environments that felt more secure – and thereby raised the profit margins for ‘Wall Street’ and other investors and executives, not forgetting to mention politicians once again and virtually always.

     It’s why we need to understand politics and the morality of religions really should be melded into one zone – that better framework of the two – kinship, friendship, and preferably even love through mutual understanding of what religion is supposed to mean and how it should affect our lives.  Call it religitics.  Okay, forget that.  Let’s just leave the politics out – no, that won’t work either.  All right then, back to making them one – the really good one, meaning we need to mix our politics with a much bigger dose of Christ-like morality.  Can we do it?  Damn straight!  Will we?  That’s a tough one.

     Now, are you ready for another not so genial handshake between politics (evil, for the most part) and religion (ideally moral or good, as God intended it)?  Ready or not, we would say: if you are hurting so badly and worried too much about life in general, you could make the dire mistake of believing a megalomanic narcissist* such as Donald Trump is the answer to your problems.  *(Wow – Now that is really saying something – but unless you can correctly assess the man from a moral perspective, you will not understand he is the epitome of a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ – so much so that the wolf is not even well hidden.  He appeals to the villian within the most vulnerable among us, while fooling many others of us who are just plain desperate for change from ‘politics as usual’.)

     You may as well make a note here that ‘good and evil’ can never co-exist forever; and there can be no permanent middle ground.  We must make a choice: will we be perfectly good, which would require God’s loving, gracious help, or will we continue the paths where upon God has placed her own signs of ‘Don’t Go There!’?

     It is the essence of mankind that drives both these major, but apparently necessary political, religious aspects (religitics) of society that we should bring together – not for political reasons but for moral improvement of an essence within mankind that too often gets overlooked, and that is the state or health of our souls – our spiritual lives, which ultimately are vastly more important than our material lives.  Let’s rebuild that infrastructure of people learning to live and love together based on a moral relgion, because unless we do, we will continue allowing the practicalities of a material world and personal needs and desires to drive us apart, perhaps even injurng or killing our spirit-souls.  (Holy Exclamation!)

     Certain aspects of politics and religion (good and evil) are intertwined within each of us, as our Godcosm book explains – while you can see for yourselves how the love or the hate is being played out on a world stage, which most of us seem to have rendered ‘unto Caesar’.

     Here’s a friendly reminder that no human - not ‘Caesar,’ nor Trump, nor Clinton, built this stage.  God did, and so we need to render our world “play” unto God.  Are you with me thus far?  Either way, we invite you to read the book whether you decide you either hate it or love it.  That is likely what it will come down to.  Of course some of you will be like “ho hum” no doubt, which will translate to “life essentially has no meaning, as in… you live – you die… that’s it”.  That could mean you believe politics makes an exciting blood sport way of passing time since there’s no real God anyway.  You will just be your own god and maybe the god (Egod) of any other “self-made” creatures willing to follow you.  Have mercy!  Seriously – that is a prayer.

     To those of you already saying ‘ho hum,’ we invite you to at least read the ‘religitic’ remains of this page; and we thank you all for your consideration.

     You may click any of our images, if and when you are ready to be transported to that ‘Other’ place… or the most cynical among you could just end it all here.  What?  Nahh… come on, mankind!  What’s eternity worth to you?  Is it fair to say you might not know yet?  It does seem fair.




The following mix of politics and religion is tricky-risky.  We thank you haters of politics-as-usual for your thinning patience.


IF America is not great, who can make it so? God. Which aspect of Egod will work closely with God? – Donald or Hillary?



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We pray you at least will meet Deepy Dog before you leave us.




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